Coartem 80/480


Although preventable and treatable, malaria was responsible for approximately 584,000 deaths in 2013[1]. One CoartemĀ® 80/480mg tablet is bioequivalent to four tablets of CoartemĀ® 20/120mg**[2], resulting in a lower pill burden for patients – six tablets for completion of the course of treatment, compared to the previous 24. Studies have shown that patient adherence to ACTs varies considerably, from 39% to 100%[3]. Failure to complete the full treatment course may reduce treatment efficacy and allow malaria parasites to develop resistance to the drug. The reduction in the number of tablets associated with CoartemĀ® 80/480mg could increase convenience and overcome the challenges associated with therapies that require taking a large number of pills, therefore improving adherence to treatment and clinical effectiveness.

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